Fable Reviewed

After more than a month on hiatus due to having a REAL job, RHOXbox gets some new content by way of our review of the much-hyped Action RPG Fable. Sorry, no new screen shots.

OXM On-Line Preview (Summary)

Ryan McCaffrey at Official Xbox Magazine played the latest Halo 2 on-line beta at Bungie Studios. Do yourself a favor and pick up the mag for a great feature. We list some of the highlights of the article.

Fable Is Golden!

The developers over at Big Blue Box Studios have announced that the long awaited Actin/RPG "Fable" has gone gold. The game will hit store shelves September 14th, but a couple of game sites have already received a final build and give their impressions of one of the most anticpated titles for Xbox.

An Open Invitation To Nintendo

In an article by Chris Mallon of The Motley Fool, Bill Gates is quoted in a German news magazine as saying "If [former Nintendo President] Hiroshi Yamauchi calls, he will be directly transferred to me."

"Cheat Codes" Section Added

I removed the Xbox LIVE section for now and replaced it with a Cheat Codes section. Currently only a few cheats are posted (see Recent Cheat Codes sidebar). I hope to have the majority of the codes up by this weekend... one letter at a time. (The good letters first, of course!)

The Next Big Thing

Could anyone even concieve of a game that could go toe to toe with the mighty Halo 2 on our beloved Xbox? Although the thought sounds preposterous the boys at Digital Extremes, creators of the Unreal franchise, have been working quietly on a game that looks like a contender in the crowded First Person Shooter market. Pariah definately has our attention.

Halo 2 Hands On (Dew Photoshoot)

Three members of the bungie.net 7th Column chapter "Rico's House Of Halo" visited the boys in Redmond for a Mountain Dew photoshoot involving Halo 2. Besides becoming poster children for everyone's favorite carbonated refreshment we got to play hands on with Halo 2! 43 hours and 1568 miles later we give you our impressions of the current build and some nifty nuggets of goodness regarding some of the finer tweaks in the game...

ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships Three Weeks Early

Look out Madden here comes ESPN NFL 2K5 three weeks ahead of schedule! Who needs to wait for updated last minute rosters when you've got Xbox LIVE?! 2K5 looks to deliver the goods and then some when it ships tomorrow nationwide for $20.

Halo 2 On The Silver Screen

Microsoft and Bungie, in conjunction with Loews Cineplex, announced today that trailers of Halo 2 will begin showing immediatly in theaters throughout the United States.

Project Gothem Racing 2: Long Beach

Get ready for more downloadable "Premium Content" for all you race fans. Bizarre Creations has a new booster pack on its way that includes eight new tracks in Long Beach, California and additional vehicles. Check out the sweet screenshots!
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