ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships Three Weeks Early

By Rico - Look out Madden here comes ESPN NFL 2K5 three weeks ahead of schedule! Who needs to wait for updated last minute rosters when you've got Xbox LIVE?! 2K5 looks to deliver the goods and then some when it ships tomorrow nationwide for $20. Built from the ground up for Xbox it sports out of this world graphics and internet features to go gaga over: tournament and fantasy leagues stat freaks will worship as every imaginable statistic is logged on the VC NFL League web sight for all to see and V.I.P. System profiles. This ingenious concept lets you download other player profiles to study their playing style. It is so deep, its scary. You can even load profiles into offline games and practice against your "opponent". Tons of other tweaks ensure that ESPN NFL 2K5 will definately give Madden a run for its money this year!

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