The Simpsons: Hit & Run

The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Choose "Options" from the Main Menu, then hold both and at the options menu and enter any of the following codes. A beeping horn will confirm correct code entry.

You can also enter these codes during a game by selecting "Options" from the Pause Menu, but you won't hear a confirmation sound.

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Unlimited Top Speed
, , ,

Fast Acceleration
, , ,

Press Horn To Make Vehicle Jump
, , ,

Destroy Vehicles With One Hit
, , ,

Enable Speedometer
, , ,

Replace Secret Vehicle In Each Mission With Red Brick Car
, , ,

Play Kang & Kodos Dialogue During Credits
, , ,

(Choose "View Credits" from the "Options" Menu

Show Graphic Wireframes
, , ,

Extra Camera Angles
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With the "Extra Camera Angles" code in place, choose "Settings" from the in-game Options Menu; two additional camera settings will be available while you are on foot, with six new camera settings while you are in a vehicle.

If you choose the "Debug Camera," you can use controller number two to set the camera anywhere you wish. The Left Thumbstick aims the camera, but if you click the Left Thumbstick you can also use it to move the camera's position

Holiday Menu Screens
If you change the date in the Xbox dashboard to October 31, the fourth Thursday in November, or December 25, the Main Menu screen will have a special holiday theme with Homer sitting on the couch in a holiday costume (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas respectively).
- Y Button
- B Button
- A Button
- X Button
- White Button
- Black Button
- Left Trigger
Digital Pad Up -
Digital Pad Down -
Digital Pad Left -
Digital Pad Right -
Back Button -
Start Button -
Right Trigger -