Sniper Recoil - Missed headshots with the sniper rifle were not cause for concern when a quick follow up bullet dropped your enemy dead in the original Halo. This version no longer has the luxury of zipping off two quickies as a recoil effect has been added which jerks your gun upward after the first shot is fired. Our advice is to practice up on those headshots!

Cappers Can't Drive - At our bi-weekly LAN gatherings in the Northern Bay Area of California it has always been the house rule that the flag carrier be visible at all times and as such he could not drive any vehicle nor mount the chaingun in the Warthog. While many newbies to our LANs scoffed at this idea, Bungie apparently agrees. Talk about shaking up the strategies! You'll actually need an escort to drive your ass home. Teamplay is the name of the game so start making friends today. After all, a driver sure beats hoofing it back at reduced speed.

Destructible Environments - While manning a turret on defense I locked on to an incoming elite. As I tracked him to my right I growled that the wall had blocked my line of fire. My grief turned to glee as the bullets ripped through the cement barrier revealing gnarled rebar and chopping down my foe. Many locations throughout the level incorporated this destructible element adding to the wow factor. Which leads us to...

Destructible Environments: Glass - The glass windows in our build had at least four hit zones enabling you to pop out a corner and toss a grenade through your newly formed hole. Great for breaching bases from the outside.

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