The story follows your character, Dr. Jack Mason, in the year 2520 as he arrives on the prison world of Earth to transport an infected inmate off the planet. (What she is actually infected with is part of the whole mystery and will most likely be one of the more memorable plot twists in gaming history). As it turns out the prisoners have formed rival factions and a war has broken out amongst themselves and the local law enforcement. Unfortunately, your transport doesn't quite make it off the launchpad leaving you to rely on your patient's knowledge of the planet to get you out. Needless to say you are not an elite Marine maxed out with every conceivable weapon known to man. You are, as they like to say in the gaming world, a noob. Oh sure, your character's history contains some military training but Dr. Mason preferred a scalpel over an assault rifle during his tour of duty.

The single player experience should surpass anything previously played in a shooter, thanks in large part to the incredible AI the Digital Extremes team has perfected in years past. You can expect the unexpected with every enemy you encounter which will accomplish that elusive single player replay value in games today. As many Halo fans will attest, its well worth the time playing through its single player campaign on Legendary Mode - Pariah looks to do the same.

The weapons will be classic Unreal with devastating fire power but this time it won't be so easy to get your hands on the BFG. Pariah incorporates an upgrade system for weapons that involves collecting the energy cells of enemy guns. In order to reach the ultimate weapon you must decide on whether to cash in your energy cells for more ammo or health or hold out for the grand daddy of all peacemakers. The choice will be up to you.

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